Family Dental Care

We are committed to providing quality dental care to the whole family. We have implemented many strategies to make your visit accessible, comfortable and efficient allowing us to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment options to suit your dental needs.

We offer a child friendly environment that aids in making your children's dental visit as comfortable as possible.


Tooth Coloured Fillings

Keeping your teeth looking as natural as possible takes the right materials and the correct filling method. We keep on hand many different shades of filling material to create the closest possible match with your natural tooth.

We also take special care with the preparation of the cavity to create a seamless integration between the filling material and the tooth to mask the margins.


Digital X-rays

With the equipment to take digital x-rays, we are able to achieve clear, high resolution images instantly, making the diagnosis process more efficient and accurate.

Of great advantage to patients is that less radiation is required to achieve an image than with traditional x-ray film

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